Staff Engagement

“Vision is the Breakfast of Champions. Feedback is the Lunch of Champions. Self-correction is the Dinner of Champions.” --Dr. Stephen R. Covey
Find out HOW these engaged and empowered staff at Lush Oxford Street responded to a shady post on Twitter.

Vision Achievement is committed to helping you transform your culture and become a workplace of choice and a top provider of service that wins customer loyalty.

While there are a lot of nuances to the approach, the basics include giving staff a vision they can identify with and then creating an environment where they can be themselves. We help you create that vision and environment.
We can talk about staff engagement all we want, but until we can give our staff a vision, something worth following and preferably something enjoyable that makes it worth turning up each day, we are just kidding ourselves that they would spring into action to solve a customer issue or identify a new opportunity.

The transformation to an engaged workforce is a process, not an event. It begins with our no-cost online survey and expert analysis. It can then be taken much further by helping you and the management team turn this feedback into change using the online Peak Performer Forum development programme that accelerates the transformation.

Phase One: Gather the Feedback: We set up a customised version of our fifty question Vital Signs survey. It is similar in form to an employee survey but goes deeper into many issues and measures your staff engagement and loyalty. The data is gathered anonymously and confidentially online and we provide our expert analysis and recommendations. All of this is at no cost or obligation to you. We believe in diagnosing before we prescribe. To see a sample survey visit:

Phase Two: Feedback into Change: We have an extensive array of programmes to turn the feedback into true change. The exact programme recommended will depend upon the responses from the survey, and the specific content will vary too but all will require substantial involvement of the staff and managers themselves. Working together with our guidance will ensure maximum ownership and involvement.

Winning Customer Loyalty: Customers Only Want Two Things: This groundbreaking programme instils in every participant the skills needed to win loyal customers, both internal and external. It includes our deck of 33 “Hot Tip Cards,” each containing a specific skill for delighting your customers. It includes a special programme to teach managers how to sustain the transformation.

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